MBA Marketing provides students with the knowledge and technique of creating a narrative around any particular product and service with the help of analytics, storytelling, communications, customer behaviour and management skills. MBA Marketing has found new life with the Growth of Digital Marketing in India.

  • MBA marketing is one of the top specializations of MBA that focuses on topics such as market research, advertising, branding, and international markets.
  • Apart from core MBA marketing subjects, the course also teaches you how to present your market strategies to the customers, and how to network effectively.
  • The related courses along with MBA marketing include Marketing Management, Sales, Operations Management, Consumer strategy, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.
  • The course will help you to gain knowledge and insights about marketing strategies of top companies globally, which will help you to work effectively in top management companies.
  • Pursing MBA Marketing does not only confirms high salary, but also assures a higher and better growth in career.
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Syllabus & FAQ

Subject For Marketing

1st Year and 2nd Year

  • Financial management
  • Managerial economics
  • Managing concepts
  • Operational research and statistical analysis
  • Cost accounting
  • Marketing research
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Advertising management
  • Computer applications
  • Accounting for managerial decisions
  • Retailing
  • E-commerce
  • Customer relationship management
  • International business
  • Brand management
  • Industrial marketing
  • Quality management
  • Management information system
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Marketing for non-profit organizations

FAQ for Marketing

There is a good scope of MBA in Marketing. Marketing itself is a vast field. After doing MBA in marketing, candidate can become sales executive or manager in reputed Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies like HUL or Marico industries. One can also work in IT industry.

An MBA in marketing can help offset some of the required work experience that employers are looking for when hiring entry-level management positions. Average salaries are significantly higher for marketers with MBAs than those without

The scope of MBA in marketing in India is wide. After the completion of this post-graduation course, students can be placed as sales executive or manager in reputed companies in industries, including retail, tourism, FMCG, banking, hospitality, media & advertising and market research.

Highest Paying Jobs for MBA Candidates

  • Investment Banker. Investment bankers are involved in raising money in capital markets and providing financial advice for both private companies and the government. …
  • Project Manager. …
  • Consulting. …
  • Business Development Manager. …
  • Marketing Manager.
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